SAT 2004 LNCS Volume: Accepted Papers

Ansotegui and Manya: Mapping problems with finite-domain variables to problems with Boolean variables

Armando et al.: A SAT-based Decision Procedure for the Boolean Combination of Difference Constraints

Bauland et al.: An Algebraic Approach to the Complexity of Generalized Conjunctive Queries

Benedetti and Bernardini: Incremental Compilation-to-SAT Procedures

Biere: Resolve and Expand

Chen and Dalmau: Looking Algebraically at Tractable Quantified Boolean Formulas

Dantsin and Wolpert: Derandomization of Schuler's Algorithm for SAT

Giunchiglia et al.: QBF Reasoning on Real-World Instances

Heule and van Maaren: Aligning CNF- and Equivalence-reasoning

Heule et al.: March_eq: Implementing Additional Reasoning into an Efficient Look-Ahead SAT Solver (Invited)

Huang and Darwiche: Using DPLL for Efficient OBDD Construction

Interian: Approximation Algorithm fo Random MAX-k-SAT

Jia et al.: From Spin Glasses to Hard Satisfiable Formulas

Jin and Somenzi: CirCUs: A Hybrid Satisfiability Solver

Galesi and Kullmann: Polynomial Time SAT Decision, Hypergraph Transversals, and the Hermitian Rank

Le Berre and Simon: Fifty-five Solvers in Vancouver: the SAT 2004 competition (Invited)

Gregoire et al.: Automatic Extraction of Functional Dependencies

Gummadi et al: Algorithms for Satisfiability using Independent Sets of Variables

Jackson and Sheridan: Clause Form Conversions for Boolean Circuits

Le Berre et al.: The second QBF Solvers Comparative Evaluation (Invited)

Mahajan et al.: ZChaff2004: An Efficient SAT Solver (Invited)

Pan and Vardi: Search vs. Symbolic Techniques in Satisfiability Solving

Porschen and Speckenmeyer: Worst-Case Bounds for Some NP-Complete Modified Horn-SAT Problems

Sinopalnikov: Satisfiability Threashold of the Skewed Random k-SAT

Subbarayan and Pradhan: NiVER: Non Increasing Variable Elimination Resolution for Preprocessing SAT Instances

Tang et al.: Analysis of Search Based Algorithms for Satisfiability of Quantified Boolean Formulas Arising from Circuit State Space Diameter Problems

Tompkins and Hoos: UBCSAT: An Implementation and Experimentation Environment for SLS Algorithms for SAT and MAX-SAT

Zhao and Kleine Büning: Equivalence Models for Quantified Boolean Formulas