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SAT 2004: Accepted Papers

A Comparative Study of 2QBF Algorithms (Poster / Short Paper)
  Darsh P. Ranjan, Daijue Tang, Sharad Malik
A Note on Satisfying Truth-Value Assignments of Boolean Formulas
  Zbigniew Stachniak
A Random Constraint Satisfaction Problem That Seems Hard for DPLL
  Harold Connamacher
A SAT Based Scheduler for Fair Tournament Schedules
  Hantao Zhang, Dapeng Li, and Haiou Shen
A SAT-based Decision Procedure for the Boolean Combination of Difference Constraints
  Alessandro Armando and Claudio Castellini and Enrico Giunchiglia and Marco Maratea
Adding a New Conflict Based Branching Heuristic in two Evolved DPLL SAT Solvers (Poster / Short Paper)
  Renato Bruni, Andrea Santori
Algorithms for Satisfiability using Independent Sets of Variables
  Ravi Gummadi, N.S. Narayanaswamy, Venkatakrishnan Ramaswamy
Aligning CNF- and Equivalence-Reasoning
  Marijn Heule and Hans van Maaren
An algebraic approach to the complexity of generalized conjunctive queries
  Michael Bauland, Philippe Chapdelaine, Nadia Creignou, Miki Hermann, Heribert Vollmer
Analysis of Search Based Algorithms for Satisfiability of Quantified Boolean Formulas Arising from Circuit State Space Diameter Problems
  Daijue Tang, Yinlei Yu, Darsh P. Ranjan, Sharad Malik
Approximation algorithm for random MAX-KSAT
  Yannet Interian
Automatic extraction of functional dependencies
  ric Grgoire, Richard Ostrowski, Bertrand Mazure and Lakhdar Sas
Boolean Ring Satisfiability (Poster / Short Paper)
  Nachum Dershowitz, Jieh Hsiang, Guan-Shieng Huang, and Daher Kaiss
CirCUs : Hybrid Satifiability solver
  HoonSang Jin, Fabio Somenzi
Combining Component Caching and Clause Learning for Effective Model Counting
  Tian Sang, Fahiem Bacchus, Paul Beame, Henry Kautz, Toniann Pitassi
Computing Unsatisfiable k-SAT Instances with Few Occurrences per Variable
  Shlomoh Hoory, Stefan Szeider
Computing Unsatisfiable k-SAT Instances with Few Occurrences per Variable
  Shlomoh Hoory, Stefan Szeider
Dealing with symmetries in Quantified Boolean Formulas (Poster / Short Paper)
  Gilles Audemard, Bertrand Mazure and Lakhdar Sas
Derandomization of Schuler’s Algorithm for SAT
  Evgeny Dantsin and Alexander Wolpert
Detecting Backdoor Sets with Respect to Horn and Binary Clauses
  Naomi Nishimura, Prabhakar Ragde, and Stefan Szeider
  Matthew D. T. Lewis, Tobias Schubert, Bernd W. Becker
Efficient Implementations of SAT Local Search (Poster / Short Paper)
  Alex Fukunaga
Encoding Global Unobservability for Efficient Translation to SAT
  Miroslav N. Velev
Engineering an Efficient Max-SAT Solver (Poster / Short Paper)
  Xiao Yu Li and Matthias F. Stallmann and Franc Brglez
Equivalence Models for Quantified Boolean Formulas
  Hans Kleine Buening, Xishun Zhao
From spin glasses to hard satisfiable formulas
  Haixia Jia, Cris Moore and Bart Selman
Game-SAT: A Preliminary Report (Poster / Short Paper)
  Ling Zhao and Martin Mueller
Improving First-order Model Searching by Propositional Reasoning and Lemma Learning (Poster / Short Paper)
  Zhuo Huang, Hantao Zhang and Jian Zhang
Incremental Compilation-to-SAT procedures
  Marco Benedetti and Sara Bernardini
Local Search for Very Large SAT Problems (Poster / Short Paper)
  Steven Prestwich and Colin Quirke
Local search with bootstrapping (Poster / Short Paper)
  Lengning Liu and Miroslaw Truszczynski
Looking Algebraically at Tractable Quantified Boolean Formulas
  Hubie Chen and Victor Dalmau
Mapping problems with finite-domain variables into problems with Boolean variables
  Carlos Ansotegui and Felip Manya
NiVER: Non Increasing Variable Elimination Resolution for Preprocessing SAT instances (Poster / Short Paper)
  Sathiamoorthy Subbarayan and Dhiraj K Pradhan
On Computing Minimum Unsatisfiable Cores (Poster / Short Paper)
  Ins Lynce and Joo P. Marques-Silva
Polynomial time SAT decision, hypergraph transversals and the Hermitian rank
  Nicola Galesi and Oliver Kullmann
Problem encoding into SAT : the counting constraints case (Poster / Short Paper)
  Olivier Bailleux and Yacine Boufkhad
QBF reasoning on real-world instances
  Enrico Giunchiglia, Massimo Narizzano, Armando Tacchella
Resolve and Expand
  Armin Biere
Satisfiability Threshold of the Skewed Random k-SAT (Poster / Short Paper)
  Danila A. Sinopalnikov
Search vs. Symbolic Techniques in Satisfiability Solving
  Guoqiang Pan, Moshe Y. Vardi
Solving Non-Clausal Formulas with DPLL search
  Christian Thiffault, Fahiem Bacchus, Toby Walsh
The Optimality of a Fast CNF Conversion and its use with SAT (Poster / Short Paper)
  Daniel Sheridan
UBCSAT: An Implementation and Experimentation Environment for SLS Algorithms for SAT and MAX-SAT
  Dave A. D. Tompkins and Holger H. Hoos
Using DPLL for Efficient OBDD Construction
  Jinbo Huang and Adnan Darwiche
Using Lower-Bound Estimates in SAT-Based Pseudo-Boolean Optimization
  Vasco M. Manquinho, Joo Marques-Silva
Using Rewarding Mechanisms for Improving Branching Heuristics (Poster / Short Paper)
  Elsa Carvalho & Joo Marques-Silva
Verifying the On-Line Help System of SIEMENS Magnetic Resonance Tomographs using SAT (Poster / Short Paper)
  Carsten Sinz and Wolfgang Kchlin
Visualizing the Internal Structure of SAT Instances (Preliminary Report) (Poster / Short Paper)
  Carsten Sinz
Worst case bounds for some NP-complete modified Horn-SAT problems (Poster / Short Paper)
  Stefan Porschen, Ewald Speckenmeyer

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